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Justin Honey-Jones

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Justin is an Emergency Medical Technician with the London Ambulance Service and a former British Army Reserve Combat Medical Technician. Aside from teaching and writing manuals for us, he is involved in the quality assurance of regulated qualifications and is a qualification and assessment writer. Read more About Justin >


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Overhead Gantry Cranes

Improper operator training, side pulling with the crane, poor rigging technique, using an incorrect lifting device and hoist overloading, falling materials are the most common industrial overhead crane hazards.
Knowing how cranes should be used and how they should not be used is critical to crane safety. Being aware of the following misconceptions can save your equipment and increase the level of safety at your facility.
This Crane Safety Manual is intended as a basic source of information on the safe operation of your overhead gantry crane. It rovides general information as well as specific information on cranes and their operation as concerns safety.

Author Craig Hook possesses over 35 years of experience in the heavy lifting industry, with international experience on which he has published numerous publications.

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